Oslo, Norway 16 December 2021

Green giant into Hatchery

The Hatchery, a global incubator for start-up clean tech businesses, is proud to announce that the Norwegian green tech giant – Valinor – is acquiring half of the shares in The Hatchery incubator.

Lars Helge Helvig – together with Hatchery Cape Town manager – Chwayita Nqiwa-Twalo.
Lars Helge Helvig – together with Hatchery Cape Town manager – Chwayita Nqiwa-Twalo – during the Hatch ONE event in November in South Africa.

Inventor Jon Bøhmer wanted a strong industrial partner in Hatchery, and he got it from the green investor Lars Helge Helvig in Valinor.

The world needs good ideas. New technology could take us through the green shift. That's why we invest in Hatchery, which produce a stream of great ideas

Valinor owner, Lars Helge Helvig

Global paradigm shift

The Hatchery strives to discover and support entrepreneurs, offering access to hands-on expertise and milestone-based funding so that start-up founders have the capacity to innovate. The green incubator was founded in January 2021 and have offices in Oslo, Cape Town, and Detroit.

How important is an international network in the green shift?

– The green shift is happening internationally, and we want to be where it is happening, says, Helvig, and adds – innovative solutions must be scaled to achieve a real impact on humans and the planet. This is not only a Norwegian paradigm shift, but a paradigm shift across the globe.

A warm welcome

The Hatchery brings people together to create an inclusive green future economy.

Valinor is 100 percent committed to green investments and is warmly welcomed to us in Hatchery, says head of the incubator, Jon Bøhmer. The effects of human-caused global warming are happening now, are irreversible on the timescale of people alive today, and will worsen in the decades to come. – The world is facing code red in the climate challenges, and we are trying to give voice to this challenge, says Bøhmer, and adds happily – now together with Valinor.

Sustainable legacy

Valinor is a Norwegian family-owned investment company that has solid experience in building successful businesses. The green giant’s strategy is to reinvest 90 percent of the return into renewable energy, infrastructure, and aquaculture.

– Reinvesting our revenue into new early-stage companies is merely a signal that we take the climate change very seriously and want to do our best to fight it, concludes the Valinor boss, Lars Helge Helvig.