Pontiac, USA March 3rd, 2022

Hatchery launches in USA

The Hatchery, a novel incubator for start-up businesses, has launched its office to extend its efforts in finding and supporting innovative entrepreneurs in the Pontiac, Michigan, United States.

Illustration showing new hatchery office
5111 Woodward Ave will soon stand proud again in its new bold, feathers - illustration.

Originated and funded from Oslo, Norway, The Hatchery strives to provide a global reach, offering in-house expertise and milestone-based funding to start-up founders so that they can be freed up to innovate and build.

We release founders from the time-consuming tasks of raising funds and running a business because these often aren’t their core skills. We want them to have enough time to focus on their creative innovation because that’s the lifeblood of their business.

said Jon Bøhmer, The Hatchery’s Norwegian investor.

Michigan ranks as the third largest Research & development expenditures in the US.

Michigan is one of the few states with more than one unicorn company, since 2018 five startups have valuations over one billion dollars. It is also home to 14 fortune 400 companies and has more than 80,000 workers in the technology industry and attracts tech professionals with frequent networking and matchmaking conferences. A leader in research and development, Michigan receives 75 percent of the nation’s spending. Partnerships with University of Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan Tech, Lawrence Tech, and Kettering University have contributed to the success of transferring academia to the commercial market.

Rebirth of the Phoenix

In the heart of Oakland County, Pontiac is within sight of the big three automakers and surrounded by innovative technology manufacturers, it is the perfect location. The office is in Ottawa Towers, also known as the Phoenix Center.

With the revitalization of Pontiac, Hatchery plans to bring new opportunities, jobs, and more people in to enjoy the rebirth of this unique downtown area.

Strong strategic counsel

Mike Walters, Managing Director is a management and sales specialist who has a passion for clean tech and innovation. He started working on the project two years ago with Bøhmer as he was planning to open the first office in Oslo, Norway. Since then, Hatchery has opened offices in Cape Town, and Oslo. Mike stated that he was

Excited to be involved in this tremendous opportunity to help entrepreneurs and do something good for the planet at the same time

The Board of Directors include Jon Weyhrauch of ReRoot Pontiac, Bob Waun from Dirt Realty, Matthew Gibb is Legal Counsel, and Don Tinsley of Palo Alto Equity. They are bolstered by numerous advisors and consultants who are specifically matched with start-ups to offer the best and most needed expertise providing input into all aspects of the business including legal requirements, marketing, HR, processes, and strategies to assist in implementation.