Oslo, Norway May 27th, 2021

Hatchery celebrates Hatch TWO June 3rd 2022

Our bi-yearly event to showcase the innovation successes from which the incubating start-ups have been working on the latest months. To celebrate, we are hosting a global event which will be held simultaneously and interactively in Cape Town, Oslo, Detroit, and Barcelona.


The upcoming event is on June 3rd 19.00 (CET). The event will also serve as a celebration of the company’s one-year mark since the company launched globally.

The cleantech incubator for start-up businesses, has extended its work in finding and supporting innovative entrepreneurs globally. The global brand strives solving the world’s biggest issues from creating green technology.

Originated and funded from Oslo, Norway, The Hatchery endeavours to provide a global reach, offering in-house expertise and milestone-based funding to start-up founders so they can be freed up to innovate.

According to Founder, Jon Bøhmer, the Hatchery releases entrepreneurs from the time-consuming tasks and focus on developing the start-up.
 «We want them to have enough time to focus on their creative innovation because that’s the lifeblood of their business», Bøhmer said.

Hatchery are working with several innovating start-ups. Such as Oasis, which is disrupting renewable energy finance using the blockchain. Pulse, a Smart Metering IOT for developing countries. Elastiq that use Hypermedia and digital twin technologies for web 3.0. Alere Carbon, which focuses on proprietary processes for producing carbon negative fertilizer from unlimited waste. Just a little selection from the green bouquet.