Born Global

The Hatchery solves the world’s biggest problems, which necessarily makes it a global operation. And not in the traditional, hierarchical sense:

  • There is no top-down priority setting and command.
  • Each office is a node, with its own project origination, expertise and creative ecosystem.
  • Membership to one Hatchery office is a membership to all, providing access to the best markets for each product.

If problems don’t have borders, why should an incubator?

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In-House Expertise

The Hatchery not only has a spectrum of competencies, in the core team and advisors, that are available to all projects, but they actually do the work for you.

This covers founders across all sorts of bases: work they can’t do (because it’s not in their domain), they won’t do (because they don’t have the bandwidth to consider it) or just don’t have the time or desire to.

Paid Founders

We take founders out of “work-work balance” and allow them to take on their ideas and projects full-time, without having to make difficult life decisions.

They can focus on innovating and growing their startup, rather than balancing it against the flurry of other responsibilities life requires.

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Milestone-Based Funding

We want founders to focus on innovation and what matters most.

The reality is that founders spend half of their time working on their company, half of it raising money. We don’t do that. At the Hatchery, we provide funding based on milestones. Just set a target, and let us know how much you need to reach it. The most stressful part of running a startup becomes the easiest at the Hatchery, because we have it all in house. And, when you’re ready for a huge six, seven, eight-figure round to scale, we have the network to raise that too.

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Our Values

Each individual is different, and we respect their blend of curiosities, passions and preferences. The Hatchery understands that safeguarding the founder’s creative process is key to producing inspired output. That’s why we have a core team of staff and advisors ready for hands-on support with tasks that founders just don’t have the expertise, time or desire to do.


We believe that the true value of any startup lies in its ability to innovate. At the Hatchery, there are no limitations. We don’t have admission quotas or industry, region, or sector biases. We don’t have strict working hours or imposing management. We also don’t have fixed budgets and timelines for every project - each startup is different.


The Hatchery has left behind the zero-sum mentality when it comes to creation: more for others does not mean less for me. Why not give someone a slice if it makes the whole pie bigger?


We encourage startups to postpone their incorporation. That way, collaborators can come into the Hatchery, work on a project in peace, and worry about splitting shares later. Too often do founders fight prematurely over shares of something that hasn’t been developed yet, or end up giving large shares to parties that don’t contribute going forward. Our model allows each party to be compensated directly proportionately to their contribution. This keeps the peace, and sets up for equitable and healthy growth in the future.

And this model maps internally, within the Hatchery. Only those of our staff and advisors that work significantly on a project will appear on its cap table, making sure founders are left with only the most impactful and contributory members.

Investors & startups love the hatchery

This is what we are here for. To be able to participate in the growth of the startups and serve as a catalyzing agent for the future. We pride ourselves in being intimately involved with all our startups, and most importantly, their success. The Hatchery is known for its innovative approach to helping startups succeed. Hear what others have to say about the program.

I highly recommend Hatchery for its corporate governance, incubator funding and invaluable ecosystem. I can confidently say that without Hatchery I would not have been able to take Pulse to the next level of growth and development.

Joseph Wamicha Pulse

Joseph Wamicha

CTO & Founder, Pulse Networks LTD.

The Hatchery programme has provided me and the Oasis team with the opportunity to test ideas and develop them further, as well as gain access to a global network of entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and mentors.

Roman Votteler

Roman Votteler, Ph.D.

Founder, Oasis

The Hatchery was established to help startups get off the ground. It offers a fearless, but highly supportive environment where you'll meet a community of high calibre peers. I am proud to be a part of the team that guides the entrepreneurs we are incubating.

Ove Lerdahl

Ove Lerdahl

Serial entrepreneur